Methadone Treatment Cost?


Methadone is one of the best ways to treat heroin addictions as well as addictions to other opioids, including prescription painkillers. However, it comes at a cost, making some people think that they will not be able to afford it. The best way to address this concern is with accurate information about cost, insurance coverage, and other options to make the treatment more affordable than you may have supposed it could be.

Is Methadone treatment expensive?

As one of the best treatments for opioid addictions, methadone is expensive and may not be available to all patients. The cost of methadone can run up to $15 per day and up to $100 per week. Costs will be higher once doctor’s appointments and any additional inpatient or outpatient care, and counseling is factored in.

Does private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid cover Methadone?

While you can certainly look into paying for methadone treatments privately, you should first see if your private health insurance plan will pay for it or if a government-funded program can help you with the charges. Of course, not every private insurance plan will pay for methadone. Your insurance company will probably look at whether the methadone is medically necessary. Treatments may also be included or excluded through special coverage exemptions on your plan. In addition, PPO plans generally cover more than HMO plans do.

Medicare most likely only covers methadone treatments when they are given at a government-funded treatment center but will almost certainly not cover a private rehabilitation facility. If you are on Medicaid, your potential coverage will depend on whether or not your state has decided to cover methadone treatments on their plans. Over 30 states do currently cover this treatment, but you will need to check with your state’s Medicaid plan to be sure.

Are there low-cost options?

If your treatments are not covered by any of the above options, you may still be able to find more affordable treatments. Consider a state-funded treatment facility or a public health clinic. You can also ask private facilities about payment plans or sliding-scale methadone costs that they may offer for those with lower incomes.

While it is pretty much impossible to receive free methadone treatments, you have several options for making them fit in better with your budget. Insurance coverage or help from your state can put this wonderful treatment within your reach. Cost concerns may be addressed with a provider, who may be able to offer you lower cost options. One option, such as sliding scale payments, are based on income level

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